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Thanks for Working Here This Week: Jerry Taylor

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Thanks for Working Here This Week: Jerry Taylor

Meet Jerry Taylor, Chaplain Services Coordinator. Jerry has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvary University, a Master’s degree in Divinity from Moody Theological Seminary, has a Chaplaincy endorsement with IFCA International, and was ordained by the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. He’s been at CCH for almost two years, and has served as a Chaplain and first responder for over 15 years.

In his role as Chaplain Coordinator, Jerry works with the CCH volunteer chaplains, associate chaplains and abiders to provide spiritual and emotional support for patients, families and employees all across the organization.

According to Tanya Allee, Manager of Patient Experience, “Jerry has a unique capacity to meet people where they are at that moment. He creates a safe space for everyone.”

Jerry was inspired to work in healthcare while he served as a pastor in Illinois. He was a volunteer first responder for his area’s EMS service. During that time, he observed the need for spiritual support during times of crisis in people’s lives and during situations beyond their control.

Jerry’s healthcare heroes are the prehospital team he worked with in Illinois. He says, “Often being with people during times where there is not much to do until an ALS rig arrives – but just their presence means the world to the patients and families involved.”

He is proud of the Patient Experience team he works with, saying, and “Everyone strives to enhance the service which CCH provides our community. We are always looking for areas where we can (and need) to improve, and to honor those for the jobs that are well preformed.”

“In a world where not one of us is perfect, it is both a blessing and a challenge to serve people during difficult times, says Jerry. “For me, it is most central to honor and to serve my Savior in everything I do every day, with excellence, honoring God.”

Thank you, Chaplain Jerry, for taking great care of our patients and employees every day at Campbell County Health. We appreciate all that you do.

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