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Thanks for Working Here This Week: Jonathan Wadsack

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Thanks for Working Here This Week: Jonathan Wadsack

Meet Jonathan Wadsack, Care Coordinator for Home Health and Hospice. Jonathan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with specialization in Management and has worked for CCH for a little over a year.

Jonathan was inspired to work in healthcare by Derek Friedlan, CCH Manager of Care Continuum.

“Derek’s passion for providing people with positivity and hope is inspiring! When the group home (where I was working) faced financial cuts and eventually ceased operations, Derek encouraged me to make the transition into my current role at CCH.”

Jonathan has more than one healthcare hero, but draws attention to Home Health and Hospice Director Ashley Montague, saying “her passion for helping and being kind to people is unmatched. She is a champion of hospice care in Campbell County and works relentlessly to ensure we help as many patients as possible, through what is arguably the most difficult stage in their life. There are unique challenges to providing this care and under her leadership the department is thriving. She is a servant leader and demonstrates this consistently through encouraging honest feedback, her commitment to developing the strengths of others, and helping us to understand how our contributions come together to make the department successful.”

Jonathan also praises the healthcare heroes that wear scrubs, “…all the nurses, nursing assistants, and therapists in our department that are too numerous to name. These people have the greatest impact on our patients, and they do a phenomenal job – not only providing specialized care but developing and maintaining personal relationships that impact people in a positive way every day.”

When asked what he likes most about working for CCH and Home Health and Hospice, Jonathan says, “The hospital has faced challenges in the last few years with COVID, financial concerns, and being under public scrutiny, but we’ve been able to persevere and are making strides in the right direction. I feel pride knowing that the hard work of myself, the department I work in, and other employees at the hospital is what has brought us forward. My role is directly connected to new patients – processing referrals and scheduling visits for Home Health and Hospice patients. Every morning we have a meeting with the nurses, and I get to hear the admission reports. I feel a sense of pride when I can see that we’re helping a patient and I equipped the nurses with the information they needed to be successful. What I like the most about working in my department is the culture and the team first attitude of everyone. I know we all share the same goal of providing the best care and that we can lean on each other for help when needed.”

To Jonathan, Excellence Every Day means working hard, being a person who puts the needs of patients and other employees ahead of his own, having open communication and asking how to help his team be successful.

“In this business that is easier said than done sometimes, and it’s why we need to hold each other accountable, “says Jonathan.

When he’s not working, Jonathan enjoys working out, hiking, fly-fishing, photography, listening to music, and grilling if the weather is nice.

Thank you Jonathan, for taking great care of our patients every day at Campbell County Health. We appreciate all that you do.

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