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Campbell County Health Recognizes Extraordinary Response to NARM Incident

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Campbell County Health Recognizes Extraordinary Response to NARM Incident

GILLETTE, Wyo. – June 26, 2023 – Campbell County Health (CCH) extends its profound gratitude and admiration to its exceptional team for their outstanding response to the North Antelope Rochelle Mine (NARM) incident on Friday night. The organization witnessed an overwhelming show of force, compassion, and dedication from its employees in the face of an emergency.

CCH's Emergency Medical Services were promptly on the scene, evaluating and treating those impacted. At the same time, over 300 CCH employees, including over 200 who were not on shift at the time, were prepared for an influx of patients. Most employees were on-site before the arrival of the first patient, ready with their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care and support to the community.

Matt Shahan, CEO of Campbell County Health, expressed his deep appreciation, stating, "We are incredibly proud of our team's response on Friday evening. We believe in Excellence Every Day, and the actions of our employees on that night were a profound example of Excellence Every Day in action."

CCH’s immediate priority was ensuring the safety and well-being of all involved and reuniting families as quickly as possible. This exceptional response reflects the skills, expertise, and immense care and concern for others from the staff at CCH.

As an organization that prides itself on Excellence Every Day, Campbell County Health recognizes and commends its team for going above and beyond expectations in a moment of unexpected need. Their bravery and dedication underscore the organization's values and its commitment to the well-being of the Campbell County community.


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