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IMRT Cancer Treatment

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Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy-IMRT

What is IMRT?

Intensity-Modulated radiation therapy, also called IMRT, is an advanced type of radiation therapy that uses powerful energy beams to kill cancer cells. The energy comes from x-rays called photons.

With IMRT, the beams of radiation are carefully customized for each patient. The beams are “shaped” around the tumor or cancer. The intensity of each beam can be varied or “modulated”. The result is a precisely controlled radiation therapy treatment that delivers the correct radiation dose to the target but minimizes the dose to the surrounding normal tissue and organs.

A highly specialized team of radiation oncology professionals will work together to develop a radiation plan individualized to your cancer. This team includes the radiation oncologist, medical physicist, and medical dosimetrist. Radiation therapists will deliver your daily radiation IMRT treatments typically for 6-8 weeks.

Why is IMRT used?

IMRT allows for more precise cell destruction within a treatment area than conventional radiation therapy treatments. Its precision makes IMRT a good option for treating tumors in sensitive areas, where radiation could affect sensitive organs. Not all cancers or tumor types are candidates for IMRT treatments so consulting with your radiation oncologist about all treatment options is important.

Where can I receive this treatment?

The Radiation Oncology department at the Heptner Cancer Center provides IMRT treatments along with other conventional external beam radiotherapy treatments. For questions or to make an appointment, please call 307-688-1950.

Composed by Leigh Johnson, MS, CMD, RTT

Radiation Oncology Director, Physicist and Dosimetrist