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Rehab Program Keeps Participants on Track

  • Author: Marci Holte
  • Date Submitted: Jan 30, 2018

Of all places, it was a trip to Las Vegas that prompted Marci Holte to make a lifestyle change. In her late 30s, Marci struggled to keep up with two ladies 10 years older than her who’d just had surgeries. She knew at that point it was time to get serious about losing weight.

“I couldn’t keep up with them,” Marci said. “I was miserable the whole time.”

Marci had tried dieting at different times in her life, but found that it was difficult to balance dieting and exercise while raising two active young boys with her husband, and the demands of her teaching career. So, Marci decided to try one more thing before considering weight loss surgery.

She turned to the professionals at Campbell County Health’s Rehabilitation Service’s Personal Training program. Designed to help individuals reach a variety of goals from losing weight to strength training and improving balance, the program allows people to work with a certified personal trainer.

For the past two years Marci has worked one-on-one with Brenda Robertson, the functional health supervisor at CCH Rehabilitation Services. It was slow going at first, but Brenda helped Marci break it down into small, attainable goals.

“I always had the excuse that I didn’t have time,” Marci said. “We used to eat out all the time. We’ve changed as a family what we eat. It’s been a good life change.”

Now she works out six days a week, one of them at Rehab Services, and has completely changed her diet. Instead of eating out on a regular basis, she’s cooking at home more. She used the My Fitness Pal mobile app to help her track what she was eating and her exercise habits.

CCH Marci Holte

"It’s taken me two years and I’m still working on things,” Marci said. “You have to make these life changes. I’m so grateful that my family has also been supportive. My husband is actually the one who does most of the cooking at home, and finds new healthy recipes to try!”

Besides losing more than 100 pounds in the last two years, Marci is reaping other benefits as well. She’s able to be more active with her kids and do activities she never would have considered previously. This summer she joined her family on an adventure course and enjoyed her time with them in a way she never had before.

“I feel so much better,” Marci said. “I have so much more energy.”

Now that she’s made so much progress, Brenda is helping Marci to focus less on losing weight and more on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her workout routine now includes more weights and strength training.

“Brenda has been so positive and someone I can talk to,” Marci said. “She tries to keep it in perspective for me.”

Brenda and the other exercise physiologists on staff work to help individuals identify their overall goals and break them down into smaller, easier to attain objectives.

CCH Brenda Robertson ACSM CPT, FMS, CI-FFT “One of our priorities is how to establish a behavior change,” Brenda said. “I try to do a lot of communicating with the client so they buy-in.”

Once the goals are set and clients begin a strength training or exercise routine, Brenda works with them to stay on track and focus on the gains they make that are not as easily identifiable as the number changing on the scale. Instead, she teaches them to focus on how they feel.

“I put a lot on myself in order to educate them,” Brenda said. “I gear them toward feeling better rather than focusing on the numbers on the scale. If I can change their outlook, it helps them move past those barriers.”

Coming into Rehab Services in the Stocktrail Building is also an added benefit to the program. Instead of going to a gym where people might be intimidated by other people working out who are more fit or have more stamina, they’re able to work on what they need in a more laid-back, individual-focused environment.

“We need to have a place where people are comfortable,” Brenda said. “We want to serve the community in a way we can dedicate our skills and compassion that help them with their well-being.”

Offering those services also means providing flexible hours and meeting clients where they’re at. Programs are tailored to meet each individual’s needs and to work toward the best outcome for them at a reasonable price.

CCH offers 10 one-hour sessions for $250, making it a reasonable option for people.

Campbell County Health Rehabilitation Services provides a self-pay personal training program to help people of all ages and abilities reach their health and fitness goals. The program helps anyone learn how to exercise safely and independently utilizing cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and balance components. To learn more, call 307.688.8000 or visit

Article written by Kim Phagan-Hansel, Wyoming freelance writer

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