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CCH Letter of Interest Information

Campbell County Health’s Board of Trustees has agreed to negotiate a potential Letter of Intent with UCHealth for a formal collaboration. The relationship would not be a buyout or purchase, but rather a formal collaboration that would provide CCH with access to some of UCHealth’s resources, training and expertise, while keeping CCH locally owned and operating as an independent county hospital district.

The proposed relationship would provide access to services that could support the setting of future goals and strategy, so that the organization can stay focused on quality. The arrangement would strengthen CCH’s economic vitality, currently employing approximately 1,200 people and contributing an annual impact estimated at $408 million to the local economy.

UCHealth, based in Colorado, already collaborates with the hospitals in both Laramie and Cheyenne. Hospitals and healthcare systems in Wyoming and all over the country have moved toward such arrangements as a way to reduce expenses, share state-of-the-art technology, and improve access to administrative and clinical expertise.

The process of negotiating a Letter of Intent with UCHealth will allow the community’s stakeholders, including the medical staff , CCH employees and the community to provide input on the relationship and will help identify those elements important for the CCH Board to consider.

Download a PDF of the Information Sheet here

Will the voters lose control of the local hospital?

  • Under any proposal, the Board would like to make it clear that Campbell County Health would remain an independent, community-owned health system with no change to the elected Board of Trustees. Ownership would not change and decisions would remain local.
  • No new taxes nor an increase in the mill levy (collected through property taxes) would be requested of the community.
  • Patients will not be required to go to other UCHealth facilities for care. The patient and his or her doctor should decide the best options for patient treatment.

What types of services can UCHealth provide to the local community?

May include, but not limited to:

  • Provide CEO support, consultative or project support and networking access.
  • Participation in educational offerings for Board members, management, medical staff and employees.
  • Access to qualified administration and management specialists with a focus on quality outcomes.
  • Opportunities for the CCH medical staff to participate in grand rounds, tumor boards, and other professional interactions.
  • Participation in local philanthropic activities that support CCH and its service area.
  • Participation in volume group purchasing for medical supplies and equipment.
  • Complement existing physician specialty services provided by CCH so care can be provided closest to the patient’s home.
  • Access to an improved electronic medical record.

Will the agreement affect CCH employees?

It is the intent of the Board of Trustees that employees remain employees of CCH.

Would the agreement bring new competition in to the market?

No. The goal of the Board of Trustees is to ensure that care is provided to the patient closest to home. CCH also intends to make the latest EHR technology available via contract for independent practitioners.

Who do I contact if I have any comments or concerns?

Please send any comments or concerns to this email address:

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