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In Affiliation with UCHealth

Hello Campbell County! We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. It is Wednesday, September 1, today marks the first official day of CCH's affiliation with UCHealth. We are so excited to begin a new chapter for our organization.

The start of our affiliation means the process of implementing our new EMR system begins, we get to take advantage of a larger group purchasing discount, which will lead to savings for our organization, and so many other positive attributes. UCHealth has already helped CCH during the second surge of COVID by making sure we have a place to ship those who are needing a higher level of care. We want to express our excitement, but most importantly we want to express gratitude.

THANK YOU to our benevolent and courageous staff, our strong willed community, and UCHealth for making this affiliation a reality.

Be Well,

~ CCH Leadership, and Board of Trustees

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