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CCH Strategic Plan

Guided by our mission, vision and values, the goals and objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan will help Campbell County Health deliver the highest quality patient care and customer service for the Campbell County, Wyoming community.

This strategic plan is the result of input from employees, physicians, patients and families, long term care residents, business and industry representatives and members of the community. The plan has measurable goals and objectives, and defined strategies and tactics to reach them. Going forward, we will implement the goals described in our plan and effectively communicate with our stakeholders.


CCH will demonstrate a culture of Excellence Every Day as demonstrated by continuous, measureable improvement in patient and resident experience data across the organization.

  • CCH HCAHPS "Rate the Hospital" will be at or above 66.3% Top Box Score as measured by Press Ganey Vendor Survey rolling 12.Goal is 66.3%.
  • CCH Emergency Department "Overall Rating of ER Care" will be at or above 72.4% Top Box Score as measured by Press Ganey Vendor Survey rolling 12. Goal is 72.4%
  • LTC Resident Satisfaction scores in four of seven key drivers is at the 70th percentile. Goal is 70th percentile.
  • ALL Campbell County Medical Group Clinics’ "Overall Assessment" will be at or above 81.0% Top Box Score as measured by Press Ganey Vendor Survey rolling 12. Goal is 81.0%
  • CCH Urgent Care (WIC) "Overall Assessment" will be at or above 71.6% Top Box Score as measured by Press Ganey Vendor Survey rolling 12. Goal is 71.6%.
  • All CCH Outpatient (CPS/Sleep, Lab, Radiology, Rehab Services) "Overall Rating of Care" will be at or above 86.5% Top Box Score as measured by Press Ganey Vendor Survey rolling 12. Goal is 86.5%.


Achieve patient, resident, client, visitor and staff safety while providing high quality healthcare services through continuous improvement processes as measured by DNV standards, state and federal regulations and the Baldrige framework.

  • Sepsis. Early management, severe sepsis, and septic shock. Core measure for Medicare. Goal is 55.0.
  • # of QM measures 6/11 at or below CMS national target of 6%. Reduce Serious Safety Event Rate. Goal is 2.0
  • Reduce the suicide rate per 10,000 population (Campbell County) - baseline = 1.73 suicides per 10, 000 FY19
  • Reduce the suicide attempt rate per 10,000 CCH clients - baseline = 532.7 attempts per 10,000 FY19
  • Improve the transition of care across the continuum as measured by acute readmission rate for patients over age 64. Goal is 5.6.


Achieve organizational workforce development goals by recruiting, orienting, developing and retaining highly engaged and accountable employees.

The effectiveness of CCH leadership development program will be evaluated with a composite score of each Leadership Development Institute (LDI) evaluations completed by Director/managers/executive/supervisors leadership participants. Goal is 4.64.

  • Reduce employee voluntary turnover from 12.9% to 12.6%. Goal is 12.6%.
  • Recordable injuries (as defined by OSHA) will decrease from 3.4 to 3.3. Goal is 3.3.
  • Increase engagement indicator scores from question #9, #13 & #22 from the Employee Engagement survey. Goal is 3.91.
  • Succession planning participant leadership skills will increase by 8.7% as determined by pre and post testing.


Achieve financial stability and efficiency as an organization while fulfilling the responsibilities of stewardship over community funds and integrity and transparency in business relationships.

  • Increase Operating Margin to budget of -6.77%. Goal is -6.55%
  • Maintain Cash Days On Hand at 130 days. Goal is 130 days.
  • CCH AR Days will be reduced to 60 days. Goal is 60 days.
  • Improve collection rates from collection agencies by 5% from 1.9% to 2.0%. (Calculated total collections for year divided by average balance). Goal is 2.0%
  • Increase EBIDA Margin to budget of 12.02%. goal is 12.02%

Strategic Projects

  • Creating a Future Workforce by increasing the number of high school applicants and employees.
  • Develop a Primary Care Medical Home for patients at Campbell County Medical Group (1-5 years)
  • Develop at least three new applications for telemedicine with timelines for implementation (1-3 years)
  • Develop a long-term strategy for care coordination between acute care and outpatient (1-2 years)
  • Implement more patient friendly billing processes.
  • Improve the revenue cycle.
  • Implement a more robust customer portal to medical record and other patient access opportunities. (1-2 years)
  • Facility Master Plan development.
  • Completion of second floor inpatient room replacement project.
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