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My Health Home: Minors

WY Stat § 35-2-614

Children ages 12-17 have the legal right to protect certain parts of their health information. This includes information on sexually transmitted diseases, birth control and family planning, and smoking cessation, (called sensitive information).

Those who have proxy access to the My Health Home patient portal could potentially access unauthorized information without the consent of the minor patient. Therefore, all access to the My Health Home patient portal has been disabled for patients ages 12-17 and for those who have proxy access for those patients. This change complies with state and federal laws protecting the rights of minors to restrict access to their health information.

Parents or legal guardians can still access the records of a minor child (ages 12-17), excluding the sensitive information, by going to the Health Information Management department (Medical Records) in person to make a request. Minor children can authorize the release of sensitive information in their records to a parent or guardian by going to Medical Records in person to sign a release of information (ROI) form.

The Medical Records department is open Monday-Friday from 8 am-5 pm and can be reached by calling 307-688-1301.