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Campbell County Health AHA Training Center

Campbell County Health AHA Training Center (CCMH - TC) exists to provide initial and ongoing training in BLS and First Aid to the community. Instructors affiliated with CCMH - TC will have initial, updated and ongoing training as required by the American Heart Association. All guidelines set forth by these organizations will dictate the instructors' status. Every effort will be made to notify instructors of needed information to remain in compliance with all guidelines at all times. CCMH - TC will maintain records for instructors of AHA BLS Courses. Any instructor wishing to join CCMH - TC must have a current card for the discipline for which they are applying, be in good standing with the training center you are currently affiliated with, and be monitored by an instructor/training center faculty affiliated with CCMH - TC. All requested information must be obtained and on file with CCMH - TC, including the appropriate information and Referral Request from the current version of the Program Administrative Manual (PAM) from the AHA. Any change of address, telephone number, email address, etc. will be forwarded by the instructor at their earliest convenience. CCMH - TC will not be responsible for information not received due to incorrect address (including email) information on file.

CCMH TC Policy