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CCMH welcomes new Family Practice physician

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New Family Practice physician Dr. Kelly McMillin knew growing up that she wanted to be in medicine.

"We had one of every kind of animal growing up on a farm near Rozet," said Dr. McMillin. "Somewhere around high school I changed my mind from animals to people."

Because of her local connections, Gillette was Dr. McMillin’s first choice to begin her practice. She is a University of Wyoming graduate, attended medical school at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, and completed her residency through the University of Wyoming Family Medicine Residency Program in Casper. She joins the physicians at Family Medical Care.

"When I interviewed here I recognized some of the same names I remembered as a kid," said Dr. McMillin (whose maiden name is Downey). "I’m really looking forward to being back with my family."

Dr. McMillin has an interest in women’s health, and will be providing OB care in her practice.

"That’s where I am in my life right now", said Dr. McMillin. "I can relate as a young woman and a parent."

Dr. McMillin and her husband KC have two boys, Zachary, age 3 and Carson, age 1.

Her interests include camping and hiking. She’s even thinking about taking up a previous hobby of training horses.

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