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New Emergency physician joins CCMH team

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It was Dr. Mark Kellam’s first official day in the CCMH Emergency Department. The new ED physician had worked a few shifts here in August, but was still learning the routine, the location of supplies and the names of his co-workers.

Dr. Kellam is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, and comes to Gillette from the US Virgin Islands. He still owns property there and plans to return periodically to work some shifts.

"The humidity is terrible," said Dr. Kellam, "but it’s sunny most of the time and there’s always a beach nearby."

Dr. Kellam is no stranger to the West, however. He was born and raised in Montana, and still has family there.

When asked what attracted him to Gillette, Dr. Kellam commented on the area’s stable economic future and convenient location for traveling.

"It’s one of the few places in the country that’s growing," he said.

Dr. Kellam also liked the ability for free time with the flexibility to work additional shifts. The number of ER visits was also comparable to his previous position in the Virgin Islands.

Dr. Kellam and his wife Ruth just purchased a home in Gillette, and are looking forward to unpacking and settling in with their beloved dogs. Ruth is a nurse with a background in cardiology who hopes to eventually work at CCMH too.

"We plan to make a home here in Gillette."

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