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Bioquell cleaning system implemented at CCMH

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Campbell County Health's Environmental Services has a new cleaning system to help provide a safer environment for patients called the Bioquell Q-10 Suite. Five Environmental Services employees recently completed training and certification on these two machines. They look like something from "Star Wars" and are designed to eliminate pathogens from all surfaces, including sensitive and expensive electronic equipment.

The first component is the Bioquell Q-10. The Q-10 produces a Hydrogen Peroxide vapor that covers all items in the room, including all the electronics. This vapor is 35% hydrogen peroxide, compared to the 3% we have in our homes, and is strong enough to kill any bacteria in the room.

The second piece is the Bioquell R-30. The R-30 performs rapid sterilization by fast aeration using a catalytic to convert Hydrogen Peroxide vapor to a safe and residue-free, water vapor and oxygen. The design of these units ensures surface sterilization of multiple and complex rooms.

According to Environmental Services Manager Edie Mansur, it takes from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours to clean a room with the new equipment.

"We seal the vents, windows and doors so the hydrogen peroxide doesn't escape," said Edie. "Staff monitor the room via computer through the entire cleaning process. Then we enter the room to make up the bed and remove the seals, and it's ready for a new patient."

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