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CCMH Welcomes New Facilities Vice President

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"This is a place where the culture seems more open", said Gunnar VanderMars. "People feel comfortable to share information openly with their peers."

CCMH’s new Vice President of Plant and Facilities means this statement as a compliment. It was one of the reasons here chose to come here from St. Peters Hospital in Helena, Montana.

"It’s a great career opportunity," said Gunnar. "I have the chance to see the big picture in this position—why and how certain organizational decisions are made."

Gunnar held a similar position at his previous hospital, Director of Facilities, and has had experience with a major construction project, a $55 million four-story wing addition to the hospital.

"I want to put systems and processes in place to ensure a good result," said Gunnar. "When employees move into new spaces I want there to be no surprises, so they understand the space they’re getting beforehand."

Gunnar has a special passion for the landscaping around the campus and the first impression it makes on customers.

"It’s part of the healing environment we create for patients."

He appreciates his seasoned team in Plant Operations, and plans to rely on their knowledge and expertise. Part of his approach will be to develop a process to deal with small facility issues quickly, and keep people informed of the progress made on their work order requests.

Gunnar’s wife Mary and their two children Taylor, 8; and Lane, 9: will be moving to Gillette later this summer. The school system and the many programs and activities available for kids were an important part of the decision to come to CCMH.

"I hear they (Plant Operations’ staff) have a pool going on how long I’m staying," said Gunnar. "I want everyone to know I plan to be here for a long time."

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