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Welcome Dr. Maggiolo, Psychiatry

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Welcome Dr. Maggiolo, Psychiatry

Not everyone takes the direct path to becoming a physician; just ask Psychiatrist Julie Maggiolo, MD., the new Medical Director of CCMH Behavioral Health Services.

"I was a junior high and high school science teacher until age 40, when I decided to pursue a childhood dream to become a doctor," says Dr. Maggiolo.

Joining CCMH from the state hospital in Evanston, WY, Dr. Maggiolo has always been interested in the complexities of the human mind and behavior. Dr. Maggiolo chose Gillette and CCMH because both offer a wonderful balance between professional advancement and recreational activities.

"I love to walk golf courses with my husband, and will eventually learn to play. I look forward to spending time at the Recreation Center walking, lifting weights, and swimming."

When asked about her practice philosophy, Dr. Maggiolo stated, "As much as I love Harry Potter, I have seen that there is no magic pill in medicine that is more powerful than service to others, healthy lifestyle choices, and learning to manage stress and negative thoughts."
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