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Welcome Dr. Moro, Pediatrics

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Welcome Dr. Moro, Pediatrics

Dr. Roberta Moro always knew she wanted to be a pediatrician.

"There was no question in my mind," said Dr. Moro. "It's more rewarding because you can possibly cure more disease in young children."

Dr. Moro and her husband Romer Mosquera were looking for a place where they could practice both their specialties (Dr. Mosquera specializes in Neurology and Pain Management), and Dr. Moro could utilize her fellowship training in Pediatric Infectious Disease.

But they were also looking for a place where they could raise their 3 year old daughter Carlota without the concerns of living in a big city.

"Caracas (Venezuela) was not a good place for a young family," said Dr. Moro. "I was practicing pediatric infectious disease there and even things like the city traffic made it difficult to spend time with my daughter. Here I can be at her daycare in five minutes."

The family hopes to take advantage of the outdoor activities available in the region, and maybe even learn to ski. They also plan to continue their love of travel.

"I'm actually from Argentina," said Dr. Moro. My sister lives in Barcelona (Spain) and my parents just retired and bought an apartment in Argentina. My mother is Italian, so I have ties to Italy too."

Dr. Moro hopes to see Infectious Disease patients as well as regular pediatric patients at Bighorn Pediatrics. As a parent herself, she understands the need to listen to children and their parents and answer their questions and concerns.

"If a child has recurring infections, for example, that could be a reason to see an Infectious Disease specialist," said Dr. Moro.

Dr. Moro also wants to get involved in the community, and participate in hospital committees, especially Infection Control.

"I'd like to see what the rates are for certain diseases in this community," she said. "That can help me make treatment decisions for my patients."

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