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Welcome Dr. Mosquera, Neurology & Pain

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Welcome Dr. Mosquera, Neurology & Pain

It's been one of the longest recruitments on record at CCMH, over two years in the making, but Dr. Romer Mosquera and his wife Dr. Roberta Moro are finally here. Gillette's first full time Neurologist started practice in November on the 3rd floor north as Campbell County Clinics-Neurology & Pain.

Dr. Mosquera completed medical school in his home country of Venezuela, and came to the United States for a residency program in Neurology at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. He went on to complete fellowship programs at SUNY in Neurophysiology and Pain Management.

Then he and his wife had a choice to make-return to Venezuela or stay in the United States. They chose to look for opportunities in the U.S., but it was proving difficult to find a place that needed both a neurologist and a pediatrician.

"We were looking in Scottsbluff (Nebraska)," said Dr. Mosquera. "That didn't work out, but then George Minder (a previous CCMH physician recruiter) called about my wife. When he found out I was a Neurologist, he was interested in that too."

Dr. Mosquera and Dr. Moro first came to Gillette in April 2009, and liked what they saw,

"We had offers in big cities," said Dr. Mosquera. "But you're helping more people here than in a big city. We liked the community. It seemed like a good place to raise a family."

A long series of contract and visa issues kept the couple in Venezuela for over two years before making the move to Gillette. They both practiced medicine there in the interim.

When asked about his practice philosophy, Dr. Mosquera believes in a traditional approach to medicine.

"I believe in rescuing the doctor-patient relationship," said Dr. Mosquera. "Listening to your patient can provide information that can help with their diagnosis. It is important for me because I see patients from children to older adults."

Because Gillette hasn't had a full-time neurologist until now, Dr. Mosquera related some symptoms that he often sees in his practice.

"Reoccurring headaches, seizures, memory problems, abnormal movement patterns, muscle weakness or sudden behavior changes are symptoms that may be related to disorders of the nervous system," said Dr. Mosquera.

Some medical conditions can also cause or worsen neurological problems, so Dr. Mosquera plans to work closely with primary care physicians, who often refer patients to a neurologist for a specific problem.

"I want to be a resource for the community," said Dr. Mosquera.

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