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Assisted Parking Program begins September 4, 2012

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Assisted Parking Program begins September 4, 2012
GILLETTE, WY – Campbell County Health (CCMH) is implementing an assisted parking program beginning Tuesday, September 4.

The parking program helps patients or visitors who need assistance from their vehicles into the hospital. Six designated parking spots will be marked with signage on the main level of the parking garage, closest to the covered walkway. A phone in the garage will connect the caller directly to CCMH Security staff, who will assist them to enter the building and take them to their appointment if needed. Assisted parking can also be accessed before arriving at the hospital by calling 307.688.1138 and requesting assisted parking. If assistance is needed back to their vehicle, the patient can ask the clinic or hospital service to contact assisted parking for them. Assisted parking is available 24/7.

Assisted parking replaces the temporary valet parking program, implemented during construction of the CCMH expansion, when parking was restricted and access to the main entrance was limited.
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