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individWELL--new community wellness program

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individWELL--a new community wellness program

A new program from the CCMH Wellness department offers the community a menu of screening services similar to those available to their corporate clients.

In addition to blood screening services already available through the CCMH Lab, individWELL combines height, weight, blood pressure and body composition with a blood screening profile for only $44.99.

A la carte screenings are also offered: metabolic rate screening for $58 and bone density screening for $42. Metabolic rate measures how much food or fat is converrted to energy while resting. Bone density scan evaluates the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Blood screening tests:

Wellness profile--$25: Measures cholesterol, glucose, thyroid, and 23 other blood components.

CBC--$10: Examines different types of cells to present a general picture of overall health and ability to fight disease.

PSA--$25: Measures a protein produced by the male prostate gland. Recommended for men over age 50, or with a family history of prostate cancer.

hsCRP--$40: A strong predictor of peripheral artery disease in conjunction with cholesterol levels.

Glycohemoglobin--$40: Measures blood glucose over a 3-month period for monitoriing blood sugar over time.

Colorectal Cancer Screening--$25: Take home collection kit with specific instructions.

Call 688.8051 for information or to make an appointment.

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