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Hospital Releases More Information on Strep A Cases

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Three weeks ago, the Campbell County Hospital District saw one patient with an infection which was later confirmed as a case of Strep A. Initial findings, three weeks ago, did not indicate the severe presentation of the disease. The hospital continued to conduct further analysis of the disease strain, and has confirmed three cases of invasive Strep A have been seen at the hospital in the last three weeks.

The Hospital is very concerned about accuracy and thoroughness when it comes to the care of our patients. Campbell County Health continues to follow-up on the cases, and to work closely with the Wyoming Department of Health and Campbell County Public Health. The hospital follows very strict infection control protocols when dealing with patients, in disinfecting patient rooms and operating rooms. At no point were other patients at risk of contracting the invasive form of Strep A at the hospital, nor are they now. The safety and health of our patients is our number one priority.

“Strep A is a fairly common organism. Unfortunately, some people with increased risk of household contact, compromised immune systems, diabetes, or are over age 65 can get a severe form of the disease. And some strains of Strep A are more prone to cause severe disease than others. There is no evidence to suggest a public health threat to the community.” Tracy Murphy, State Epidemiologist.

For those who would like more information on the recent Strep A cases, feel free to attend a public forum with Dr. Christopher C. Brown, Infectious Diseases specialist, on Friday, September 28 at noon at CCMH fifth-floor classrooms 1 and 2.
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