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Opinion Piece: We support rezoning old rec center site

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As posted on August 16, 2012 in the Gillette News Record

As members of Neighbors of the Manor, we understand the need for a new nursing home to replace the current Pioneer Manor. The new nursing home must have an environment designed to provide the best possible care for its residents, whatever the location.

Many discussions, several studies and extensive planning has gone on for literally years to gather information on the size, type and location of the facility needed for our community. There were several locations under consideration for the new nursing home, and the old rec center property was the preferred choice.

It is close to a park that can be enjoyed by both residents and their families. There is easy access to a major thoroughfare, and it is centrally located within Gillette. Family members can easily visit nearby businesses such as grocery stores and restaurants. There is good access to medical care and health-care providers.

Community planning studies have also shown that locating nursing homes in areas with many different kinds of functions tend to increase activity, business and commerce. It can also de-institutionalize the feel of a nursing home.

We support the county’s recommendation for rezoning the rec center property in order to move forward with our goal of beginning construction of a long-term care facility for the whole community.

Neighbors of the Manor
Allen Todd, Vicki Kissack, Greg Schreurs, Nancy Tarver, Dawn Strohschein, Jacquie Ary, Alice Bratton, Jeral Rainwater, Gary Jahnke, Cathrine Coulter, Diann Avery

For more information on the proposed rezoning of the old Recreation Center site, click here.

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