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CEO Surgery Experience, Day Five

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  • Written By: Andy Fitzgerald, CEO
CEO Surgery Experience, Day Five

Editor's Note: What follows is a first-person account on a surgical procedure and rehabilitation that CEO Andy Fitzgerald is going through at Campbell County Health. He plans to post his account several times over the course of the next two weeks.

Day Five
Today, I started my physical therapy with physical therapist Ryan Schrock at CCMH Rehabilitation Services. I had a very good experience with Ryan; although, I must admit that he did make me wince a few times. However his care was compassionate. He was concerned for my well-being and he certainly took time to make sure I was progressing in my movements and doing everything according to the plan.

As it worked out, my wife, Heide is recovering from a broken right wrist. She is seeing Annie Stafford in Occupational Therapy, and seeing very good results and receiving great treatment. I think we both would readily testify that CCMH Rehab Services rock.

My next appointment for physical therapy is Wednesday and I have much to do between now and then. I've done my exercises for today here at home and I'll repeat those again this evening. Hopefully I'll be in good shape Wednesday morning and really impress Ryan with my progress.

I'm planning to be back at work for short time starting Wednesday, April 16, so if you see me in the hallway with my arm in a sling, be sure and encourage me to keep up my rehab and exercises!


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