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Jari Bachmann, CCMH's March 2014 Employee of the Month

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Jari Bachmann, CCMH's March 2014 Employee of the Month

CCMH is proud of its employees! And, to show it, we've decided to showcase the employees who are recognized as Employees of the Month in the CCMH Health Connect Blog. These employees are nominated by patients, as well as CCMH leadership, physicians and staff.

Campbell County Health would like to congratulate Jari Bachmann, Emergency Department, as the employee of the month for March 2014.

During a shift, Jari was caring for a sick child when the family was told that their loved one was going to have to be life-flighted to Denver. While caring for the child, Jari overhead the family discussing their concerns on how they were going to pay for gas and food for the fast approaching trip. That's when Jari reached into her pocket and gave the family all the cash she had in her wallet.

Jari, who is the first to tell you that the best job she has ever had is being a mom, showed true compassion on this day. This coming May, Jari will celebrate 25 years as a nurse—with 23 of those years spent at CCMH. Thank you, Jari, for always going the extra mile for patients at CCMH.

Would you like to recognize a CCMH employee for their extraordinary service or for going the extra mile? Click here and complete a PRIDE card.

Note: At the time the CCMH PRIDE team selected Jari, they were unaware that Lori Archer, Emergency Department, also contributed to this family. We would like to recognize Lori for also going the extra mile, as well as Jari for setting the record straight.

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