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Safety tips when shoveling snow

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Safety tips when shoveling snow
  • Be heart conscious.
    If you have a history of heart problems and are currently inactive, it’s best to speak with your health care provider before shoveling. Additionally, don’t shovel while smoking, eating or after consuming caffeine; this may place extra stress on your heart.

  • Dress Warm.
    Wear several layers of clothing. You can always remove a layer if needed.

  • Drink plenty of water.
    Remaining hydrated during cold-weather months is just as important as during warm-weather months.

  • Warm up your arms and legs.
    Stretch your arms and legs before beginning to shovel. You are less likely to injure muscles when they are warm.

  • Take it slow.
    Pace yourself and take breaks if you need to. Safety is more important than speed.

  • Protect your back.
    Bend at the knees, not the back. Lift with your legs bent, stand with your feet hip-width apart for balance and keep the shovel close to your body. Also, don’t pick up too much snow at once; use a small shovel or fill up a large shovel no more than half way.

  • Shovel while snow is fresh.
    Freshly fallen snow is lighter than snow that has started melting.

  • Listen to your body.
    This is the most important snow shoveling tip. If something feels abnormal, or if you’re tired, it’s time to stop.

  • If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately.


For minor injuries, please contact your Campbell County Health primary care provider or the Walkin clinic.

Source: Safety tips when shoveling snow - Mayo Clinic News Network

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