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Keeping exercise in the family

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  • Written By: Karen Clarke
Keeping exercise in the family

Rusty Bell had been an athlete in his younger days, but like many of us just didn't seem to have the time or motivation to work out as he got closer to age 40. That all changed when he joined Excel, an individualized fitness program that has helped him lose 30 pounds since January.

"For me, the cost of the program just means I have some skin in the game," said Rusty. "I know I just feel better when I exercise, and Excel keeps me motivated."

people doing cross-body sit-ups

"I needed help getting on an exercise plan for me," said Rusty. "And I get to work out with my wife and son."

Rusty started the Excel program last January, and enjoys the extra time he gets to spend with his wife Toni, who participates with him during their noon sessions for a little friendly competition.

"It is easier to exercise with a partner," says Rusty. "I just like the social aspect of being around other people."

The Excel program is tailored to each participant's individual goals, and supervised by trained professionals.

"Roy (Roy Buchanan, CSCS and Excel Coordinator) is very safety conscious and concerned with the proper technique," says Rusty.

The program consists of one-hour workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for 10 weeks. Times are varied throughout the day for participant convenience. Excel can accommodate individual athletes, sports teams, or the average person like Rusty who wants a comprehensive, supervised fitness program. Training includes improving speed, power, agility, strength and endurance using various methods and equipment. Testing before and after each session to measure progress is part of the program too.

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The next Excel session starts November 6, and costs $250, or $200 for returning participants. Call Rehabilitation Services at 307-688-8000 to learn more or to register.

"Now I'm to the point where I miss it if I don't exercise," said Rusty.

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