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CCH Becomes Breast Milk Donor Site

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CCH Becomes Breast Milk Donor Site

Thanks to dedicated employees, the Maternal Child department recently partnered with Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation and Mother’s Milk Bank to open a human milk donation site for the community.

CCH Phlebotomist Nicole Haman has been breastfeeding her daughter Makayla, now six months old, and is one of those moms who produces more than enough milk. She thought donating the extra was a good idea.

“I thought it would be nice to help moms who couldn’t produce enough milk feel less stress,” said Nicole.

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Lactation coordinator Dianna Moore created a dedicated space at the hospital for employees to pump—her office. She’s happy to share the space since it supports breastfeeding, and she’s proud of all the breastfeeding resources the hospital provides for new moms.

“There can be as many as four moms pumping in my office at any one time. We supply the area along with high grade breast pumps and a fridge for them to use,” said Moore.

According to Moore, the milk bank is something that local moms have been requesting for a while. “We’ve had so many calls from moms wanting to donate. We are only one of two hospitals in the state. It’s a wonderful feeling assisting moms and babies who choose human milk.”

Nicole heard Dianna talking about Mother’s Milk Bank while she was pumping at work. She’s finishing up the paperwork and testing that goes along with becoming a breast milk donor, making her one of the first moms to participate. Once Nicole completes the donor process, she can bring breast milk to Maternal Child for storage who then ships it to the Mother’s Milk Bank in Denver.

Mother’s Milk Bank is a non-profit program that supports mothers with extra breast milk to donate to those who need it, such as moms with twins, adoptive moms, moms with preemies or moms who can’t produce enough breast milk. CCH’s designation as a donor site also gives moms from Campbell County a higher priority to receive donated milk.

“Having a milk bank in town is a blessing,” Nicole said. “They are really careful with the milk and dedicated to testing it well before putting it in the bank.”

Interested donors can call Mother’s Milk Bank directly at 877-458-5503 or contact the Maternal Child department at Campbell County Health at 307-688-2200 or visit

Safe Haven for Newborns

Did you know Campbell County Health is a designated safe haven provider according to state law? CCH will accept a newborn that may be relinquished, provide any needed medical care, and then release the baby to the Department of Family Services. As a parent, you can remain anonymous. It’s a safe haven for both parent and child, no questions asked.

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Breast Pumps through CCH

  • What: Medela Lactina hospital-grade double breast pumps
  • Where: Home Medical Resources, 901 W. Second St., Gillette
  • Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, M-F
  • Cost: $45 per month + tax, $45 deposit to rent; $279 plus $52 for kit to purchase. Meets insurance requirements, the patient is responsible for filing, excluding Medicaid. Call 307-688-6260 for more information.

CCH Maternal Child Services

  • Obstetrics, neonatal and infant, and gynecology care

  • High-risk care for labor/delivery, neonatal, infant and GYN

  • Dedicated C-section room

  • Level II Nursery/Special Care Nursery in ICU

  • Free prenatal classes

  • Mothers’ Milk Bank donation site

  • Highly skilled nursing staff, many with more than 20 years of experience

  • Breastfeeding & lactation consultation services

What Labor/ Delivery Patients Say about CCH

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    *According to patient surveys in 2013 & 2014
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