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Maternal Child

Mother & Baby

Obstetrical, neonatal, and infant care at the Campbell County Memorial Hospital Maternal Child Services Department in Gillette, Wyoming.

CCMH Maternal Child strives to create a warm, family oriented environment for expecting parents and their families.

Located above the Main Lobby on the east end of the hospital, the unit has three exam rooms, one minor procedure room and eight Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum rooms (called LDRPs). The department provide's care and services to low-risk, as well as high-risk (level two) patients. Other features of the OB unit are a C-Section (operating) room, a six-bed level II Nursery and three dedicated Postpartum rooms.

The Level II Nursery cares for premature newborns needing more intensive care. The Special Care Nursery provides services for infants with illnesses such as RSV (a respiratory virus that can be serious in infants). A caring and experienced nursing staff is here to support each patient through the birthing process and post-partum care, including breast feeding and bottle feeding.

CCMH Inpatient Room Replacement Project: Maternal Child

The new CCMH Maternal Child patient rooms includes three exam, one minor procedure room and eight labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum rooms (called LDRPs) along with a c-section (operating room) a six-bed level II nursery and three dedicated postpartum rooms. This space also includes four flex rooms that can be used for maternal child or medical surgical patients. Learn more


Rest is an essential part of the patient's total healthcare, as are visits from family and friends. By observing our visitor polices, guests can become part of our healthcare team. Learn more

Breastfeeding 1,2,3s and ABCs!

Did you know:

  • Babies eat 10 to 12 times in a 24 hour period
  • Babies tummies are only the size of a cherry (5 to 7 mls) when they are born. By day two, tummies have stretched to 3x (15 to 17 mls) that size. By day three, they can be as big as their fist, or about the size of a shot glass (30 mls).

How can you tell tell if your baby is getting enough to eat?
WATCH their fist/hands. When a baby is hungry, their hands are balled up in a fist. As they get full, their fists relax. If a baby detaches and falls asleep, hands relaxed, they are done. If one hand is in a fist, place them skin to skin as they will wake up within half an hour and will want to nurse from the other side.

If it hurts when your baby is nursing, and/or popping on and off, getting mad, OR falling asleep but not really nursing it MAYBE a shallow latch. Babies NEED a mouthful, and sometimes you have to hold your breast so they get a good latch. Wait for them to figure it out. It can sometimes take them a few tries to get going. A good job for dads is to help guide your baby and compress the breast so that they can get their mouth around it.

What is the best way to wake a baby to eat?
Place your baby skin to skin. One way is to have your baby in a diaper and to place between the breasts inside of your clothing. Your baby should wake within a half hour and start wanting to eat.

The first few days are busy times for mothers and their babies. Just rest when you can and nurse your baby when they want to nurse. This will bring your milk in sooner and will insure you make what your baby needs. Cluster nursing is normal and will happen from time to time as your baby grows, too. Just keep swimming. It does get easier.

Have questions? Contact Lactation Services Coordinator Dianna at 307-688-2230.

Prenatal Classes

The birth of a child is one of the most memorable events a family can experience. Campbell County Memorial Hospital's Maternal Child Department offers free prenatal classes to help prepare for the new arrival. Classes include Prenatal Class Series and Prenatal Breastfeeding Class. All classes are held at CCMH. Registration is required. Learn more

Recent Blog Posts in Maternal Child

Check out the news coming from the Campbell County Memorial Hospital Maternal Child unit. Read more

Maternity and Breastfeeding products

If you're looking for maternity and breastfeeding products, like breast pumps, compression socks or even maternity belts, check out Campbell County Health Home Medical Resources at 901 W. Second Street, Gillette, Wyoming; across from the Rockpile Museum. They are open Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm. Call 307-688-6260 or visit

Mothers' Milk Bank

Mothers' Milk Bank is a partnership between Campbell County Health and Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation. Mothers’ Milk Bank safely screens, collects, processes and dispenses donated human milk as a community service, providing human milk to babies whose own mothers cannot supply the milk to meet their baby’s needs. Learn more

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Marijuana Don't Mix

You may have heard from friends that it’s OK to use marijuana when you are pregnant. Think again.

Studies indicate it’s not safe, and many myths exist around marijuana use and pregnancy. Campbell County Memorial Hospital Maternal Child Services wants you to know that pregnancy and marijuana don’t mix. Read more

IBLCE® Care Award

Campbell County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) was awarded the International Board of Lactation Consultants (IBLCE®) Care Award in June 2017 and 2019. This award is given by the IBLCE and the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) to organizations and agencies in recognition for employing and training professionals who have or receive certification in lactation consultation. The IBLCE award recognizes lactation programs that are hospital-based, provide patient education, telephone support and follow-up calls, outpatient services and include peer instruction and training.

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You can expect superior medical staff care and teamwork The medical staff is comprised of:

Birth Rates

  • 2019 = 660
  • 2018 = 635
  • 2017 = 679
  • 2016 = 770
  • 2015 = 852
  • 2014 = 797
  • 2013 = 761

Vaginal Birth After C-section (VBAC) Statement

The physicians of Campbell County Health take the health and wellbeing of our patients very seriously. We strive to provide a full range of services, including maternity services to meet the needs and preferences of each and every one of our patients.

Contact CCMH Maternal Child Services

The Maternal Child or OB unit has moved to a new location as of Monday, July 29, 2019. Please visit the first floor of the hospital and find the East Elevators located in the Main Lobby to go to the second floor.

Location: Campbell County Memorial Hospital
501 S. Burma Avenue, Second Floor
Gillette, Wyoming 82716

Phone: 307-688-2200

Fax: 307-688-2264

Director: Josephine LeMaster

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