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Create homework success with a routine

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  • Written By: Theresa Hoffman, PPC
Create homework success with a routine

Theresa Hoffman, PPC
Kid Clinic Counselor

Summer vacation has come to an end. With the start of school often comes the struggle with homework. One way to minimize the homework fight is to set up a routine with your children. If your children help with the routine, they may be more open to use it without conflict. Homework routines do not need to be complex and rigid, in fact a more effective routine is one that is simple and to the point.

Try and stick to a homework routine that is the same for every school day if at all possible. Of course with sports and after school activities, this may not always happen. If the homework routine begins when your children get home from school, it is important for them to eat a healthy snack before they start their schoolwork.

You and your children can work tougher to come up with the time for homework time to begin and how it should last. It is important to incorporate five-minute breaks if your homework routine is longer than 30 minutes. Use a timer to help you and your children keep track of how long they have been working on their homework.

The first week of school is a perfect time to practice your child’s new routine. Even if your children do not have homework, it is important to be consistent in their routine—they can practice by reading a book for 15 minutes.

The benefit of starting a new habit and practicing helps it become part of your everyday life.

There are many benefits of starting a strong homework habit with your children as early as you can. The more it is practiced, the more it will become a part of their live, both now and in the future. It may be difficult at first but it will become easier with time. Good study skills will serve your children well as they progress through high school and college, and even into adult life.

Of course, establishing a homework routine does not guarantee there will be no resistance from your children about doing their homework. But developing the expectation that homework is part of the school day can help lessen the fight.

Start strong and get ahead of your homework early!

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