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Welcome Sophie, OB GYN Specialists clerkship student

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  • Written By: Karen Clarke
Welcome Sophie, OB GYN Specialists clerkship student

You'll probably be seeing Sophie Clark around the hospital or at Campbell County Medical Group OB GYN Specialists for the next six weeks. Sophie is the second of four medical clerkship students from the University of Washington Medical School who will spend their OB clinical rotation here in Gillette. These third-year students work closely with Dr. Anderson, Dr. Biggs and Dr. Linden in an intense learning environment.

Sophie grew up in England, but her family is Scottish, and notes that the Campbell County landscape is somewhat similar to areas in the Scottish Highlands. She came to the United States to attend school, spending five years on the east coast before moving to Seattle. Sophie admits that she's probably the only person she knows who moved to Seattle for the weather.

She's completed her first rotation in Surgery, and really enjoyed orthopedics, but is keeping an open mind about choosing a medical specialty. Her undergraduate work was in cultural geography and cross-cultural relations, so she's very interested in the social context of health as it relates to medicine.

Sophie is excited about her OB rotation and finds Gillette to be a very friendly community. In fact, she was "adopted" by a local family the first night when she arrived here by bus.

Be sure to welcome Sophie to CCH if you see her.

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