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Welcome to CCH Chaplain Donny Edwards

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  • Written By: Raleah Cisneros
Welcome to CCH Chaplain Donny Edwards

Recently Campbell County Health's Chaplain, Bob Rudichar retired. Stepping in to fill the spot is Chaplain Donny Edwards, MDiv. He moved here from North Carolina at the beginning of July with his wife after being hired as the new Chaplain Coordinator. "It was a big transition to move out here, but I went where the job was," said Donny.

Donny explained his new role as Chaplain Coordinator saying, "Any religious affiliate group that wants to volunteer their services at CCH should go through me first because my role is to protect patient's spiritual opportunity and belief and to give them the tools they need to practice however they feel they need to have meaning in their life." He also oversees and recruits for the chaplain, associate chaplain, and abiders programs.

When asked what it has been like working at CCH so far Donny shared, "It's different than the hospital I worked at before. Previously, I had specialty areas and here I kind of get to experience everything. So I'll spend some of my morning with cancer patients, then some time with ICU patients, then I'll go to hospice for a while. I get to experience a lot of different patient populations and I enjoy that."

We asked Donny what he is most excited about here at CCH and he responded, "What we have is an excellent care team here. I look around and say wow! We have really good nurses, doctors, surgical work, staff and good people that care. That makes it easy to do my job, which is to support people, patients, and staff. I also look at the chaplain program and see a really great program with a lot of room for growth."

So far Donny loves the parks here in Gillette and walking with his wife and dog around Dalbey Memorial Park. He also is surprised at how much there is to do in a town of this size and is excited to be a part of the Gillette community.

For more information on the chaplain and abiders programs at CCH you can call 307-688-1540 or visit

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