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CCH Legend always thinks of patient safety, care and comfort

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
CCH Legend always thinks of patient safety, care and comfort

"He only thinks of what is best for the community and for the organization… I have been impressed with his work ethic, knowledge base, and willingness to provide ideas to better the chance of success of any given project," says Jeff Rice, the Director of Behavioral Health Services at Campbell County Health.

Who is he? Sheldon Murray, Manager in Plant Operations.

Ask any of his colleagues and they'll tell you that Sheldon meets any problem with a smile on his face. And that is why he has been acknowledged with a Legend Award in 2015. For those who don't know, CCH defined a Legend as, "those people who have left a permanent impression on our minds because of their deeds and actions. Ongoing demonstration of hard work, compassion, and a reputation for greatness make someone a legend."

Sheldon has been in Gillette around 10 years, and has worked in the Plant Operations department for eight years, starting out as a carpenter and then moving into a Manager role. Before moving to Gillette, Sheldon worked construction as a trim carpenter and a kitchen and bathroom remodeler in a business he owned for 15 years. Here at CCH, he's the go-to man for many in the organization on their projects because he is always thinks of patient safety, care and comfort.

"I have a personal goal to have good customer satisfaction rates in Plant Operations. Essentially, everyone here is my customer—both patients and employees alike," he says. "I try to give 100 percent every day and I'm proud of what I do. While I know that it's nearly impossible to please everyone, I do try to communicate effectively, and listen well so I can understand what the problem is that needs fixed."

Many times his dedication to listening will help him come up with an alternative idea—that may be safer and more cost effective—to solve a problem. Recently, the Campbell County Health Surgical Services department needed new lighting in the C-section rooms for Maternal Child's Labor and Delivery unit. Sheldon remembered that he had kept some Operating Room lighting that had been replaced after a nine-month period, which were still in good shape. He was able to repurpose the lighting for the new need.

Sheldon has a reputation that he is available to anyone who asks, and will personally complete a task that may not even fall in his job description. In December 2014, Sheldon was nominated for an Employee of the Month award for helping a patient, who had gotten turned around looking for the Emergency Department near the Administration Offices. He noticed the patient was upset, so he took the time to chat with them, walked them to the Emergency Department, and even took their keys so their car could be moved to the garage by the Valet.

In October, a patient who had an unexpected stay in the hospital asked an employee to take care of his beloved dog, who would now be stuck in his truck while he was on the mend. When the employee went to let the pup out to relieve itself, the dog got spooked and ran off. The Plant Operations and Security Departments searched high and low for the scared dog for much of the day. Sheldon, who happened to be working in the middle of the night near the location where the pup escaped, made sure to keep a watchful eye out for him—luckily, the dog returned. Sheldon found a way to safely and gently catch the dog, and reunited him with his owner immediately.

Sheldon also keeps his eye out on other ways he can help, and not always at the organization. During hunting season near his hometown in Roosevelt County, Montana this year, Sheldon spotted a Wounded Warrior's poster asking for locals to take some people hunting. He gave the number listed on the poster a call, and before he knew it, he was arranging to take a handful of wounded veterans bird hunting and even managed to rope in a few of his friends in the area to help as well. Next year, he plans to organized a two-day hunt for the men he guided this year, and may even take on a few more.

Sheldon is also active in his community, helping the Project 61 Church with various repairs and construction projects, as well as building a Nativity Scene for them this year. He's also been known to sport a Santa suit at the Lakeway Learning Center when asked.

Sheldon, thank you for always trying to save the organization money, always being prompt and here (day or night) to make sure projects get done on time, and for helping us take such great care of our patients. We are proud to have you on our team.

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