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Gonorrhea outbreak in Wyoming

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  • Written By: Raleah Cisneros
Gonorrhea outbreak in Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Health has confirmed a gonorrhea outbreak in Wyoming. So far there have been 61 confirmed cases, which is almost double the number reported from this time last year. Based on this alarming information, the Campbell County Medical Group OB-GYN Specialists would like to provide you with information on the sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Gonorrhea is an especially common disease among young people, and is transmitted through unprotected sexual activity. If left untreated gonorrhea can have serious and permanent health problems in both men and women. Some of these serious health problems include infertility in both genders and pelvic inflammatory disease in women.

Unfortunately, most men and women do not experience symptoms associated with the disease making it hard to detect. However, some symptoms are listed below.

Symptoms for men:

  • a burning sensation when urinating
  • a white, yellow, or green discharge from the penis
  • painful or swollen testicles

Symptoms for women:

  • a painful or burning sensation when urinating
  • increased vaginal discharge
  • vaginal bleeding between periods

Luckily, gonorrhea can be treated with the right doctor prescribed medications. You can also prevent gonorrhea with abstinence, being in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship, and using latex condoms correctly each time you engage in sexual activities. This is extremely important considering many states have experienced more serious outbreaks, such as syphilis and HIV, following a gonorrhea outbreak.

If you, or your partner, are experiencing any of the above symptoms, or believe you may have a STD, visit your doctor and get tested right away. You can schedule an appointment by calling 307.686.3855 or visiting the CCMG Main Clinic or OB-GYN Specialists. HIV screenings are also available with healthCHECK+ for just $30.

For more information on gonorrhea, or the outbreak, you can visit the CDC or Wyoming Department of Health.

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