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Free Radon Awareness Class

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  • Written By: Karen Clarke
Free Radon Awareness Class

GILLETTE, WY— Campbell County Health (CCH) is offering a free one-hour educational presentation on radon in the home for the general public on Friday, March 20, 2015, at 6 pm in the Ground Floor Conference Rooms (located next to the cafeteria) at Campbell County Health. No registration is required.

Steven M. Melia, MSPH, Wyoming Department of Health, is the presenter and the program will include general information about radon, the health effects of radon and radon testing and mitigation.

Radon is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas, with no immediate health symptoms, but exposure to radon can independently increase the risk of developing lung cancer. The amount of radon in any building can be determined by a simple test. Elevated radon levels in the home can be fixed through well-established venting techniques.

The cost of a home radon mitigation system varies depending on factors such as the type of foundation (no basement, basement, crawl space, mixed-type foundation). A radon mitigation system can be built into a new home during the construction phase of the home. This is called radon-resistant new construction (RRNC). This type of radon mitigation system is usually less expensive and is more effective than a home already built that is in need of a radon mitigation system.

Radon gas is formed from the natural decay of uranium and poses a health risk to humans. It is recommended that people test their homes for radon every two years, and retest any time they move, make structural changes to the home, or occupy a previously unused level of the home.

Karen Clarke
Director, Community Relations

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