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Patient Story: Devyn Brinkerhoff's road to recovery

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Patient Story: Devyn Brinkerhoff's road to recovery

Devyn Brinkerhoff, a Campbell County High School senior, received multiple trauma injuries from a horrible car accident in late March 2014.

Campbell County Health Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Department stabilized her multiple traumas, then sent her to University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) in Aurora where she recovered and learned a different approach on life. She left UCH just after four-weeks and came home to Gillette. Devyn currently has paralysis in her right leg and is receiving care from Bob Larson and orthotist in Rehabilitation Services.

K2 News in Casper covered this story and the Brinkerhoff family wanted to make sure that CCH was represented because of the excellent care she received here. They believe that without the field response and CCH’s skills the outcome would have been different.

Take a moment to check out Devyn's story from UHC and from K2 News below. And Devyn, we are so thankful you are doing well. We hope to hear more from you soon.

K2 News

University of Colorado Hospital (UCH)

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