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Nurses Leading the Way 5K Times

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer

On May 21, the rescheduled Nurses Leading the Way 5K took place at Dalbey Memorial Park. Below are the times of the runners. Thanks for participating!

  • Beth Morgan, first Nurse runner and first place, 24:09
  • Valerie Cook, Top Female Runner and Second Place, 25:00
  • Jack Linden, Top male Runner, 26:29
  • Jessica Dyle, 28:29
  • Anne Monahan & Sara Smith, 28:50
  • Linden Miles, 32:25
  • Terry Tabor, 36:50
  • Jordan Banks, 37:01
  • Malerie Bock, 37:02

Enjoy some photos from the event below, and check out more on Facebook. Special thanks to those who sponsored the event: Drs. L. Amiotte, A. Biggs, R. Biggs, D. Brown, E. Johnsrud, J. Mansell, J. Price and Gillette Physical Therapy.

kids at 5k

First male runner, Jack Linden, #46 with a time of 26:29. His brother is in the photo with him, Miles Linden.

Valerie Cook

First female runner, Valerie Cook, 25:00

Beth Morgan

First nurse runner and the official first across the finish line, Beth Morgan, with a time of 24:09

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