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Rehabilitation Services Receives Accreditation for Orthotics and Prosthetics

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  • Written By: Karen Clarke
Rehabilitation Services Receives Accreditation for Orthotics and Prosthetics

GILLETTE, WY – Campbell County Health (CCH) Rehabilitation Services has received a three-year facility accreditation from the Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) for Orthotics and Prosthetics practitioners.

BOC assures patients, physicians, professional organizations, the public-at-large, and government agencies and representatives, of the competence, professionalism and safe practice environments of BOC-certified professionals and/or BOC-accredited facilities. BOC facility accreditation shows patients a commitment to the highest standards of care.

The Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC), founded in 1984, is an independent, not-for-profit agency dedicated to meeting the demands for quality patient care by offering highly valued credentials for professionals and suppliers of comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) care and durable medical equipment (DME) services.

Campbell County Health has two certified practitioners and one resident on staff. Bob Larson is a certified Orthotist and Todd Jensen is a certified Prosthetist. Brodie Rice is an Orthotic & Prosthetic Resident.

An Orthotist is responsible for the manufacture and management of orthoses (orthotics). An orthosis may be used to control, guide, limit and/or immobilize an extremity, joint or body segment for a particular reason. A Prothetist is a professional who measures, designs, fabricates, fits, or services a prosthesis as prescribed by a licensed physician, and who assists in the formulation of the prosthesis prescription for the replacement of external parts of the human body lost due to amputation or congenital deformities or absences.

These practitioners provide care for patients of all ages, from infants to geriatrics, treating orthotic and prosthetic conditions from the toe to the head. A physician referral is recommended for orthotic and prosthetic services.

For more information call CCH Rehab Services at 307-688-8000 or visit

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