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Speed Translates to Quicker Recovery and Better Outcomes for PRSC Patients

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At Powder River Surgery Center (PRSC), practice makes perfect. The freestanding outpatient surgery center, located at the corner of Stocktrail Ave. and 6th St., has been accredited for 11 years by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare (AAAHC). Ambulatory surgery centers, sometimes called outpatient surgery centers, are stand-alone facilities where patients are admitted for a surgical procedure and discharged on the same day.

“Since we were first accredited in 2005, we have met or exceeded national standards developed by the AAAHC. We’ve really streamlined our processes and we have a supremely skilled staff,” said Brent Maurhoff, Clinical Supervisor at PRSC.

Numbers speak, and a recent benchmark comparison summary of common procedures performed at outpatient surgery centers shows PRSC having shorter surgery times and recovery times when compared to the national average.*

A faster surgery means less time under anesthesia, resulting in a faster recovery and often better outcomes. Anesthesia is a risk factor with any surgical procedure, so the less time a patient is under anesthesia the better.

At no time does this matter more than when kids have to undergo surgery. Recent numbers show that kids who get tonsillectomies and adenoid surgeries at PRSC are in surgery 42% less time and are in recovery 57% less time than kids at the average outpatient surgery center.

Another area of pride is numbers for cervical (neck) fusion surgery. The national average for time in the operating room at an outpatient surgery center is 173 minutes, and PRSC averages 117 minutes.

“Our recovery time for neck fusions is also 22 minutes shorter, really lowering the patients overall time with us. When you look at the scale of this surgery, which demands placing implants, our team performs a really amazing feat,” Maurhoff said.

Maurhoff believes becoming a part of Campbell County Health in January 2016 was a positive move for their patients. Not only do they have more resources, including easy access to orthopedic physicians and imaging in the Stocktrail building, they also benefit from more expertise.

“It’s two accredited organizations coming together to complete the best patient care possible, with the best outcomes possible,” he concluded.

PRSC performed 2,667 surgical procedures in 2015.

You have a choice about your surgery

When your physician recommends surgery, you have a choice about where to have your procedure. Campbell County Health provides surgical services at Campbell County Health and Powder River Surgery Center. Surgical procedures performed at PRSC include orthopedic, podiatric (foot and lower extremity), ear, nose and throat, general surgery and pain management.

*Information from the Surgical Outcomes Exchange (SIOX), a not-for-profit membership network for the confidential exchange of information among ambulatory surgery facilities.

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