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Thanks for working here Thursday: Jordan Hanson, MA, EMT, CCMG Wright Clinic and Occupational Health

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Thanks for working here Thursday: Jordan Hanson, MA, EMT, CCMG Wright Clinic and Occupational Health

Campbell County Health is proud of its employees, and we want the CCH family and the Campbell County community to know about the good work that they do for this organization.

Have you met Jordan Hanson? Jordan is a Clinical Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA) and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Basic who works for Campbell County Medical Group (CCMG) Wright Clinic and Occupational Health. She is currently enrolled at Gillette College pursuing a career as a registered nurse. She has been with CCH for three years, but has been involved with health care for six years.

Her original major in college was Paramedic Technology, and says that her initial draw to health care stemmed from the rush she received while helping people when they needed it most. “It wasn’t long after working at Emergency Medical Services that I discovered that I am not an adrenaline junkie, but I do enjoy a challenge, learning, and helping people—and health care lets me do all of these daily!” she says.

Jordan will tell you immediately that everyone she works with is her health care hero because they have taught her and helped her grow. “I am so blessed that Robin Yeradi, Natashua Nava, Malerie Bock, Olivia Strohschein, Heather Springer, Chad Reid, Denny Bohne, Dr. Laine Russell, and Patricia Shull are all willing to take the time out of their day to teach me new things and help me learn. I love working with all of them!” she says.

Jordan Wright dressed as EinsteinAnd, her colleagues will tell you that Jordan does her best to go above and beyond for her co-workers and patients daily. “Jordan always tries to encourage others and build them up, whether it's a nice compliment or words of encouragement, she always tries to brighten everyone's day,” says Health Springer, EMT-Intermediate with CCH Emergency Medical Services.

Outside of work, Jordan says that she enjoys spending time with her husband their two dogs, cat, and a hedgehog! The group enjoys spending time outdoors with shooting, camping, hiking and spoiling our nieces. Jordan and her husband are just had their first child in March, and are very excited about the new adventure.

We asked Jordan what she likes most about working for CCH, and what excellence every day means to her. Check out her response:

“There are so many wonderful things about working at the Wright Clinic, starting with my co-workers and patients. I love that in family medicine I am able to see and help patients with so many different things every day. Working with such a small group of people is so nice. We are an excellent team, and I believe that is something to take pride in!

Excellence every day to me is coming to work and doing the best you can at your job. Sometimes, we see people at their worst and making sure that we are doing all we can to help them might just make their day better.”

Thank you, Jordan for taking such great care of our patients. We are grateful that you chose to work for CCH.

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