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EMS pros recognized for going above and beyond

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
EMS pros recognized for going above and beyond

As posted previously on the Campbell County Health Facebook page, CCH Emergency Medical Services recognized three individuals (out of nine nominees) at their holiday party on December 16 at Big Lost Meadery and Brewery: Colleen Long, Paramedic of the Year; Diana Shannon, EMT-Intermediate of the year; and Shane Kirsch, EMT-Basic of the Year.

Below is more information about the recipients and nominees of the 2017 awards. The awards are new to the CCH department to recognize employees who “go above and beyond their required job to help patients, and fellow co-workers” on a daily basis.

The EMS department asked CCH EMS staff, Emergency Department staff to nominate three paramedics, three EMS-Intermediates and three EMT-Basics to be considered for the awards. The information given in these write ups came from EMS supervisors, colleagues, departments they work with, and more. The recipients were selected blindly (no name was given, only the information) by Deb Tonn, CCH Vice President of Patient Care Services.

Join CCH in saying thanks to these pros for keeping our community safe and healthy! Learn more about EMS at

Paramedic of the Year

CCH Colleen Long Paramedic of the Year 2017Recipient: Colleen Long, Paramedic

Received more nominations than anyone else in EMS, she always show their dedication by getting the daily paperwork done right away, making sure their truck is always clean, and the crew is ready and prepped for the shift. Can usually be found at the schools on career day, showing the kids the importance of the EMS job, shows the boy scouts how to make their own first aid kit. Is one of EMS’s supervisors, and makes sure to do training as the shift allows, and that the crew is safe, is able to take transfers. Keeps an eye on other departments and helps out when they’re shorthanded. They give excellent patient care, and always goes back to check on them and see if they’re comfortable, or feeling better. Runs the Pride cards for the department and is always quick to give out praise to every crew. Is an Advance Life Support (ALS) provider in the new Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) medic unit, and is a car seat tech, and is always helping with public relations events, also teaches the EMT classes.

“Is well known for the service they provide to patients and co-workers that is always accompanied by a contagious smile and positive attitude. Strong work ethic, attention to detail, and high standards they set for themselves and crew, help us to provide excellence every day.” – EMS Director, Chris Beltz

“Colleen is always dedicated and has high expectations for everyone they work with, and guides them to grow and encourages them in continuing their education to help advance their license level, and to add to their patient care. Always willing to train and help anyone and everyone with patient care.”

“Always has a positive and can do work ethic, and follows up on care with patients.” – Campbell County Memorial Hospital Emergency Department (ED) crew

CCH Denny Bohne Paramedic nominee 2017Nominee: Denny Bohne, Paramedic

Denny is one of EMS’ supervisors. Denny is a great role model to everyone he work with; he makes sure his crew is good at the start of every shift, puts his heart and soul into every full time employee he trains. He is a CCH Legend. He can be found making sure the trucks are in great running condition, and rotated out regularly. His quick wit and helpful attitude makes training with him a fun and memorable experience.

“Denny is fun to work with, and has so much EMS knowledge that I learn something from them every shift.” –EMS crew

“Always has a great attitude and is very helpful.” – ED crew

CCH Brad McKee Paramedic nominee 2017Nominee: Brad McKee, Paramedic

Brad has been working tirelessly improving the EMS OWL’s system (the State of Wyoming EMS education system), has advanced to a supervisor’s position, and has been instrumental in getting EMS over to the paperless system. Is an ALS provider in the new SWAT medic unit. Is helping Moorcroft with improving their system as well. He has been known to go back to patient’s houses to help clean when the patient was too weak to do it himself.

“Runs the shift in a fun, and professional manner. Great balance of fun and professionalism. Brings a unity to the crew structure.” – Chris Beltz

“Is always pleasant when they bring patients in, and is always willing to help when needed.” – ED crew

EMT Intermediate of the Year

CCH Diana Shannon EMTI of the Year 2017Recipient: Diana Shannon, EMT-I

Runs the car seat check system (Safe Kids Campbell County), and is not afraid to let someone know when their car seat is not installed correctly. She is also a Pediatric Education for Prehospital Providers (PEP) instructor.

Recently, she returned to a patient’s house to clean up the bathroom after the patient had a really bad day, but was too weak to clean it himself.

“It is a well-run program; she is meticulous to make sure it’s a well-run program, does the Trunk-or-Treat as well as organizes the EMS float for the Christmas parade and the Fourth of July parade. She is the one to catch the mistakes that sometimes get made with Environmental Services, Materials Management order, cleans out the fridge and makes sure that the kitchen stays clean,” – Chris

Brings knowledge and experience to this department more than anyone else here. Extremely dedicated and hard worker, goes the extra mile without looking for recognition or praise.

Sets high standards for themselves and their co-workers, and helps them achieve it, always willing to have those difficult, high stress conversations with somebody to help improve their skills and patient care.

CCH Derric Culey, EMTI nominee 2017Nominee: Derric Culey, EMT-I

Derric is on the new SWAT team, is always willing to come in when calls have backed up, is always bridging the gap to make sure the EMS systems works well with other departments, and is always encouraging people to come be a part of EMS and what we do here. Is a good interagency liaison.

Does community outreach at the schools for career day, and is always encouraging people to stop by EMS and see what it’s about, or third ride and see the job that’s done. Is always training to improve on his licensure level, and is always eager to share what they learned and a new way to do a procedure. He helps teach at other EMS classes, driving as far as Moorcroft to go assist with a class. His drive to improve and succeed as been the drive behind their basic class and Intermediate certification. He has the biggest heart of anyone you’d ever meet.

CCH Stephanie Gisi EMTI nominee 2017Nominee: Stephanie Gisi, EMT-I

Stephanie is a CPR instructor, works on the SWAT team, is always upbeat and happy, makes sure the crew is taken care of with getting enough sleep before transfers, and loves cooking for the crew. Pushes her crew to maintain their daily task, and is willing to work in the ED when they are backed up.

“Brings a fun presence to the work place, has worked hard going from EMT, to intermediate in the last year, willing to do what’s asked, and finds new projects to improve the EMS building and the system structure.” – Chris

She is always looking for ways to improve things at the base, and making sure it’s set up as efficient as possible.

EMT Basic of the Year

CCH Shane Kirsch EMTB of the Year 2017Recipient: Shane Kirsch, EMT-B

He is handy, a good Basic Life Support (BLS) provider, brings a well roundedness to EMS, notices the little things, and fixes them. He has taken on the safety coach position, and takes time to fix the little details in the ambulance. Shane is going to paramedic school, has taken this career change in stride. He pushes his partner into new workout schedules and is willing to help with their struggles. Always makes sure to have things set up for their ALS partners, and is usually spot on with a working diagnosis for the patient they’re caring for. Cooks for the department crews, and is always ready to help with whatever is needed.

CCH  Jeff Halstead EMTB nominee 2017Nominee: Jeff Halstead, EMT-B

Perfect fit for this nomination. Jeff goes above and beyond the amount of shifts they work, attends as many continuing medical education classes as possible, attends staff meetings, is a solid BLS partner, and knows their job and their partner’s job, and is always willing to help make the care go smoothly. Jeff will pick up shifts and help with whatever is needed. He is always ready to lend a helping hand, and will help out any co-worker with any circumstances.

Is an amazing BLS provider, and colleagues say they are blown away with the knowledge he brings to the table.

CCH Landon Suchor EMTB nominee 2017Nominee: Landon Suchor, EMT-B

Landon gets along with everyone, does the job, but is serious when it’s needed, doesn’t hesitate at the assignment just does it. He will come in to take transfers at any time during the day, and is always there to help out crews and supervisors with any and all tasks that need to be done. He is very caring and compassionate person, will always lighten the situation, he reaches out to those who have been through bad calls to check on them. Always has a smile on his face. One of the most inspirational people staff say that they know.

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