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EMS tips on pulling over for an ambulance

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer

Ever wonder what to do when an ambulance approaches with their lights and sirens on?

Watch the video below and check out these tips provided by Campbell County Health Emergency Medical Services (EMS):

  1. Pull to the right—ambulances should always pass on the left unless it’s unavoidable.
  2. If you are at an intersection or stop sign DO NOT hurry and turn—especially if you are making a left turn. Stay put and turn on your flashers so the ambulance driver knows that you see them approaching.
  3. Never tail an ambulance. Ambulance drivers cannot see vehicles directly behind them, and this can be especially dangerous when they are making their way through an intersection.
  4. While driving on the highway or interstate, do not pass an ambulance with flashing lights while it is moving—this is illegal and very dangerous for you and the ambulance crew. When emergency vehicles are stopped on the side of the road, always be aware of your speed and road conditions as there is no safety shield between you and the EMS crew.

The week of May 21-27, CCH is celebrating National EMS Week, which applauds our dedicated Emergency Medical Service Professionals. Thank you for providing the best care for our community in their time of greatest need.

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