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Your joints as they age

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Your joints as they age

For many, the idea of aches and pains as you age is just something that comes with the territory. Yes, mild soreness and aches are common, but there are several things you can do to help prevent it from interfering with your daily activities. So to age gracefully, and with less pain, here’s what you need to know:

Aging Changes in the Body

Your body goes through a lot of stress throughout the years, so it’s only natural for flexibility to decrease. As you age, the fluid that helps your joints move with ease will gradually diminish, cartilage can degenerate in your hips and knees, and muscle tone can change and reduce. This can all lead to inflammation, stiffness, poor posture, and slower movement. However, how this affects you all depends on your activity level. While some experience mild soreness, others can suffer from severe arthritis. Here’s how to ensure yours isn’t the later:

Keep a Healthy Weight

Extra weight puts extra stress and pressure on your joints, like your knees and hips. The extra weight puts more force on your joint with every movement, ultimately leading to more wear and tear. Even losing a few pounds can help reduce pressure and pain.

Stay Active

The best way to keep your bones healthy and your joints flexible is through routine exercise. That being said, pushing your workout past your limitations can leave you injured. Listen to your body and speak with your doctor before starting any new working out routines. Some great ways to keep your muscle tone up and your joints moving is through:

  • Low impact activities: Walking, cycling, or daily swimming is a great way to stay active for those who are already experiencing joint pain.
  • Daily stretching: By incorporating some Pilates or yoga into your routine, you can gain strength and flexibility. Consider adding a block or chair to the routine until your balance improves.
  • Strength training and physical therapy: For those who experience pain every day, the kind that is affecting their day-to-day, physical therapy might be a great way to restore your range of motion and flexibility.

It’s never too late to start taking care of your joints. If pain is impeding your daily life, Wyoming Orthopedics & Spine (WYOS) is here to help in Gillette, Wyoming. We can evaluate your options so you can rest assured that you get the best possible outcome and are back to a happy and active life in no time.

Call WYOS at 307.686.1413 or visit to learn more.

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