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Top Post Surgery Recovery Tips

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Top Post Surgery Recovery Tips

The steps you take after your surgery can impact your healing time as well as decrease your chance of infection. And while patients often have many questions about the surgery itself, post-op care tends to be an afterthought. By preparing for recovery, and following these tips, you can be back on your feet in no time:

Keep a Regular Diet
For many, eating after surgery can seem unappetizing. Medications and the after-effects of anesthesia can often leave you feeling constipated, nauseous, or without appetite. However, eating and staying hydrated will help ease the effects of anesthesia, promote healing, and minimize common complications.

Get Moving (If Possible)
Laying in bed and not moving can lead to clots and vein issues. The sooner you get up and get moving, the better. You might even find that you’re asked to get up and walk the day of surgery. Attend physical therapy and be sure to ask when you can return to more strenuous activities.

Attend Your Appointments
Though you might feel better and ready to take on the world, follow-up appointments are critical to long-term healing. If your doctor is asking for a follow-up, there is a reason for it. Most often, they will discuss how you’re feeling, check for signs of infection in or around the incision, or adjust your medication as needed.

Control Pain
If pain is impacting your recovery or making it hard to be mobile, you must explain that to your doctor. Inactivity can lead to further complications and can set you back in the recovery process — another reason why you don’t want to miss your follow-up appointments.

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