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Changes in Behavioral Health Services at CCMH

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
Changes in Behavioral Health Services at CCMH

Behavioral Health Services has made some recent organizational changes to improve patient care and safety. Please join us as we welcome some new members:

  • Matt Miller, MHA, started in mid-January as Operations Manager, focusing on outpatient operations to help streamline processes and maximize services from access to billing.
  • Derek Friedlan, BS, has been named Coordination of Care Manager, focusing on inpatient programming, crisis services and continuity of care after discharge. This includes more community outreach, such as implementing mental health screening tools in the primary care setting.
  • Kelly Peters is moving to an IT role within BHS, including back-up for the State reporting function.
  • A new position was created within BHS for a full-time security staff member. Joe Konkel makes hourly rounds, assists with mental health transports and serves on the Emergency Preparedness and Safety committees. The number and severity level of violent incidents has continued to increase, and a dedicated security officer can sit in on appointments and ensure the safety of providers, staff and other patients.

BHS Director Tisha McIntosh says she has already seen positive improvements from the changes, which she believes will make it possible to serve more patients with greater safety and efficiency.

Campbell County Health Behavioral Health Services provides the Northeastern Wyoming community with compassionate, confidential and comprehensive treatment and counseling of behavioral disorders, mental illness and substance abuse treatment following detox. Find BHS in Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Gillette, Wyoming. Learn more at

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