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What is Dry Needling

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  • Written By: Brittany Johnson, DPT
What is Dry Needling

Are you on pins and needles wondering about a treatment option called dry needling? What is this procedure, and is it an option that could work for you?

Dry Needling Benefits

Trigger point dry needling (TPDN) or dry needling (DN) is a treatment option performed by trained physical therapists who receive a minimum of 27 continuing education hours.

dry needling done by a physical therapist at Rehabilitation Services in Gillette, WyomingThe technique is performed using a “dry” needle, meaning there is no medication (or injection) used during treatment. A thin, sterile needle is inserted into the skin into areas of the muscle known as trigger points.

Trigger points—often referred to as knots—are taut bands of muscle that are frequently tender to the touch and can even refer pain to other areas. As the needle enters the trigger point, it releases the knot. This release helps to increase range of motion and improve (or decrease) pain.

What is dry needling used to treat?

This form of treatment is often utilized for patients with:

Is dry needling painful?

Typically patients will feel some level of discomfort as well as soreness immediately after the treatment. This is normal, and does not always occur, but can last for a few hours into the next day. The soreness can be compared to the feeling you experience after an intense workout at the gym. Most patients report that the soreness is a small price to pay for the relief they feel or the improvements in function they achieve with the treatment.

Brittany Johnson, DPT, is a physical therapist that sees patients at CCH Rehabilitation Services at 508 Stocktrail Avenue in Gillette, Wyoming. Dry needling is one of various treatment options that might be part of your care when you see a physical therapist at Campbell County Health Rehabilitation Services. Our compassionate and experienced staff helps each patient, in a team-oriented atmosphere, reach their goals. Call 307.688.8000 to make an appointment, or visit to learn more.

Brittany Johnson, DPT, is a physical therapist who sees patients at CCH Rehabilitation Services at 508 Stocktrail Avenue in Gillette, Wyoming.

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