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Commissioners Support CCH Affiliation with UCHealth

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Commissioners Support CCH Affiliation with UCHealth

GILLETTE, WY – We have a successful vote! This morning the Campbell County Commissioners held a second vote regarding Campbell County Health's (CCH) desire to affiliate with UCHealth. A unanimous vote was reached by the Commissioner’s allowing the affiliation to move forward.

“I am absolutely thrilled with the positive vote, and want to thank the Commissioners for their time, and allowing CCH a second chance to be successful in achieving our goal,” said Colleen Heeter, CCH’s Chief Executive Officer.

Campbell County Health will now begin the process of affiliation—the official date will be September 1, 2021.

“We as the CCH Board of Trustees are incredibly excited to see this UCHealth Affiliation come to fruition. It's been a long journey to get here and we appreciate the Commissioners doing their due diligence and making us prove to them and the community why this affiliation is the right decision for Campbell County. Ultimately, this process has helped us realize some new and better ways to communicate with our community about the decisions that we make and we plan to continue this into the future,” said Adrian Gerrits, CCH Board of Trustees Chairman after the vote.

CCH understands the difficult path ahead of us.

“The hard work is just beginning. We appreciate the opportunity to make the case for affiliation to the Commissioners and the citizens of Campbell County,” said Board Trustee Dr. Sara Hartsaw.

“The vote from the County Commissioners is just the beginning, and we now realize the real work is in front of us,” followed Board Trustee Randy Hite.

As we navigate this new chapter for our organization we want our community to know how grateful we are to serve you, and we will continue to keep you involved, and informed with the changes you can expect to see within the organization.

CCH and the Board of Trustees want to thank the County Commissioners, the community, our employees, and everyone who helped make this affiliation a reality. We are on to our next chapter!

~ Be Well, CCH Leadership

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