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Financial Assistance: Making healthcare more affordable

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Financial Assistance: Making healthcare more affordable

Some Campbell County, Wyoming residents are eligible for a 25%-100% discount on their healthcare bills from Campbell County Health.

Based on a sliding fee scale of household income, Financial Assistance is a way to ensure that local residents seek healthcare when they need it, and can stop any collection action if they cannot pay for healthcare services.

A simple enrollment form can be downloaded from the website, or available at Patient Financial Services, located at 900 W. Eighth St. People utilizing certain types of assistance like Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP or LIEAP have a streamlined application process.

For example, a family of four with a maximum income of $62,750 can receive a discount of 25%. An approved application is good for 90 days, and people can apply before, during, or after a hospital stay.

Some exclusions apply to Financial Assistance.

Call 307-688-2690 or visit to learn more.

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