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How Medical Equipment Can Ease Daily Living For Senior Citizens

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How Medical Equipment Can Ease Daily Living For Senior Citizens

As the aging process progresses, many senior citizens require in-home medical equipment to assist with both their health and continuing their activities of daily living (ADLs.) Many of these tools will be suggested by a healthcare professional, but some are tools you can invest in if you see that mobility, stability, range of motion, or overall health begin to decline. When used properly, these medical aides can make you or your loved one’s life healthier, happier and stress-free. Some of these products can be paid for through Medicare services, depending on condition and level of coverage. Below are just a few of the in-home medical tools and equipment you can turn to.

Mobility Aids

Even when senior citizens can still walk, mobility aids can provide additional safety, especially for days when seniors will be on their feet for long periods of time. This includes items such as:

  • Canes

  • Walkers

  • Manual or Powered Wheelchairs

  • Hoyer Lift

  • Transfer aides—such as gait belts, transfer board, and bed or chairs with built in lifts

Bathroom Safety Aids

The bathroom becomes one of the most dangerous rooms in the home as a person ages. This is because sound stability is required to get up and down from the toilet, and in and out of the bathtub. Consider investing in:

  • Raised Toilet Seats

  • Shower Benches

  • Grab Bars

  • Non-Slip Bath Mats

  • Converting To A Walk-In Bathtub Or Shower

Health Aids

Senior citizens who aim to stay at home when struggling with health conditions may need to invest in assistive devices that help manage their daily health. Depending on their needs, this could include items such as:

  • Glucometer

  • BP Monitor

  • Portable Oxygen Tank

  • Stationary Oxygen Tank

  • Nebulizer

  • Catheter Supplies

  • Continence Supplies

  • Compression Clothing

ADL Aids

Activities of daily living may become more challenging, but there are many aids that can make them easier to achieve. Keep in mind that in order to make ADLs easier, seniors may need to invest in new clothing—such as pants with elastic waistbands instead of zippers, Velcro or no-tie shoes, and shirts that do not require buttoning. Additional ADL aides are:

  • Easy Grip Silverware

  • Easy Grip Beverage Containers

  • A Grab Stick to Reach Tall Places

  • Elastic Shoelaces

  • Shoe Horn

Exercise Aids

As mobility decreases, exercise may be more difficult to achieve. The good news is that there are many exercise aides that seniors can use while laying, sitting, or standing, to help maintain range of motion, flexibility, and general physical fitness. This includes items such as:

  • Exercise Bands

  • Handheld Exercise Balls

  • Stationary Floor Pedals

  • Free Weights For Leg and Arms

The medical and safety aides above can increase both the health and independence of senior citizens who want to remain at home. They can be utilized ongoing, or while recovering from an illness or injury. Whether in need of assistance for daily living or help rehabbing from a recent procedure or illness, contact the knowledgeable staff at Campbell County Health, Home Medical Resources department. We are committed to helping people live better lives by offering the best medical technology, supplies and service. When your equipment arrives, a staff member is available to assist with set-up, education and adjusting to the equipment. Contact us at 307-688-6260 to learn more.



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