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Reminder Program For Medical Supplies At Home Medical Resources

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Reminder Program For Medical Supplies At Home Medical Resources

Reminder program for medical supplies at Home Medical Resources

It can be hard to keep track of all of life’s little details, but Home Medical Resources (HMR) has started a reminder program to help their customers who rely on monthly medical supplies to keep healthy.

“We have many customers who need supplies each month for things like their CPAP/BiPAP equipment for sleep apnea, or for a ventilator (to assist with breathing),” said Michelle Fischer, Manager of CCH Home Medical Resources. “One of our customers suggested we develop a reminder program for these types of recurring supplies.”

Staff from HMR call customers each month if they are eligible for recurring supplies. The supplies are then collected and waiting when the customer comes to pick them up. It’s just one more thing the customer doesn’t have to remember on their ‘to do’ list.

CCH’s Home Medical Resources is an HQAA-accredited provider of durable medical equipment, supplies and services, part of a nation-wide membership with contacts for more than 3,500 durable medical equipment providers throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

With more than 40 years’ experience in durable medical equipment, Home Medical Resources' staff is committed to helping people live better lives by offering the best medical technology, supplies and service. Home Medical Resources also provides pickup and delivery service for most medical equipment. When your equipment arrives a staff member is available to assist with set-up, education and adjusting to the equipment.

Home Medical Resources is located at 901 W. Second St., across from the Rockpile Museum. Call 307-688-6260.
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