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Dr. Bill Heineke to retire from CCH after 35 years of service

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Dr. Bill Heineke to retire from CCH after 35 years of service

Dr. Bill Heineke, Psychologist in Behavioral Health Services, is retiring after 35 years of service at CCH. This tribute from Matt Miller, Behavioral Health Operations Manager, highlights Dr. Heineke’s dedication to the thousands of children, parents, and families he has helped over his long career. He saw clients of all ages but specialized in helping traumatized young people and their families.

“I personally could not find the words or even wrap my head around just how long 35 years of service is, which makes sense considering I have yet to even turn 30. This longevity speaks volumes about your dedication, commitment, resilience, and faith to your clients, the BHS department, Campbell County Health, and this community as a whole.

The impact you have had on this community and on each client you have served is seen each and every day. From my first day with BHS, it was clear you were a well-respected and vital piece to our team, not only from a clinical expert perspective but as a true friend and mentor to many within our department. You never hesitate to help someone in need, regardless of the situation and what you already have going on, you seek out those who you see are struggling and have an incredible ability to connect with them instantly and make their day better.

Your office has always been one of the most inspirational places to be, the continuous rotation of thank you cards and artwork from your clients show just how much you mean to them and how much you are appreciated. Throughout your total career of over 40 years, it’s safe to say you have made an impact on thousands of patient's and family's lives.

And while your journey as a psychologist is coming to an end, the many counselors and therapists you have supervised to full licensure will continue to use the knowledge and skills that you instilled in them to reach thousands more. The impact you have had on Campbell County is truly immeasurable, I am privileged to be able to speak for everyone who knows you and or has worked with you and truly say thank you…thank you for all you have done and the lessons you have taught us.”

Matt Miller, Operations Manager, Behavioral Health Services, Campbell County Health

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