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Grieving During the Holidays

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Grieving During the Holidays

December continues the holiday season along with our age old tradition of spending time with our loved ones together under one roof. We break bread, watch cheesy movies, play silly games and enjoy the company of family and friends. For those of us who have lost someone, this time of the year can be especially difficult, sometimes even painful. How do you enjoy the holidays with so much grief on your shoulders?


Grief and bereavement are universal. Every living thing experiences some degree of grief when they have lost someone or something dear to them. It’s okay and it’s normal to be solemn while everyone else may seemingly be in high spirits or especially cheerful.

Not everyone grieves the same way and there is no timetable or procedure on the grieving process. One day you could feel like your old self again and the next, be back to the heaviness of an absent life.


The Hospice Foundation of America has created the “Three C’s” for Coping with Grief during these times.

  1. Choose

It can be easy to feel obligated to behave a certain way or be present for people, but choosing your own way to remember your lost loved one as well as choosing who to spend time with and how long is a healthy first step in coping with grief.

  1. Communicate


Assuming that everyone knows what you’re going through and should adjust accordingly is a fast way to miscommunication and conflict. To keep the peace and reduce the already stressful holiday season, learn to communicate your feelings and express your wants. For example, if all of your family wants to get together to celebrate the life of a loved one and you simply want to grieve alone for a while, communicate that desire for solitude and reflection to your family. They may be more understanding when they hear it from you rather than having to make guesses or assume.

  1. Compromise


Each person deals with loss in his or her own particular way and therefore has different needs. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Leaving space for compromise is important.


This November and each holiday or special day going forward, remember that you are never alone in your grief. At CCH we have the resources and the compassion to help you through the loss of a loved one. Through our Home Health and Hospice department, we have expert advice on best ways you can implement the “Three C’s” of coping with grief. Remember to choose who you want to be with and what you want to do, communicate your feelings and intentions to others and learn to compromise on best ways to honor your loved one.


The holiday season can be a difficult time for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. If you or someone you love is in crisis, please call 307.688.5555 or call/ text 988. Campbell County Health has many resources to help those in our community struggling with loss. Please do not hesitate to reach out.


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