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Thanks for working here this week: Deb Wade, CCH Medical Staff Coordinator

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Thanks for working here this week: Deb Wade, CCH Medical Staff Coordinator

Meet Deb Wade, CCH Medical Staff Coordinator. The Medical Staff Coordinator serves as an essential link and resource between senior management and the medical staff to coordinate the operational processes and ongoing credentialing, privileging, and other medical staff functions.

Deb spent many years of her working life in the construction and mining industry, and found herself looking for work when someone suggested looking at CCH. She applied, and was hired to work in Administration, supporting the CEO and Board. She has been at CCH for 18 years.

“Honestly, if you’d told me I’d be working in healthcare 20 years ago, I probably wouldn’t have believed it,” said Deb. But, here I am this many years later, and am so blessed I applied.”

Deb considers the CCH medical staff her healthcare heroes, saying that they inspire her every day.

“I’m proud knowing that I do my best every day, and knowing that I can (and have) made a difference for patient safety,” said Deb. “I’ve served as President of WyAMSS, Wyoming’s Association of Medical Staff Services, and am proud that our membership had the confidence to place me in that position.”

She feels her work in the medical staff office makes her one of the gatekeepers of patient safety at CCH through the Medical Staff credentialing process. Medical staff credentialing verifies that doctors and other providers are properly trained and certified and have the required professional experience to provide healthcare services to patients. It’s a crucial aspect of maintaining high standards of safety in the medical profession.

For Deb, Excellence Every Day means doing the best she can every minute of every day.

When she’s not working, Deb rides horses and runs barrels. She enjoys photography, making jewelry, and most of all enjoying her family; including her horses and dogs.

Thank you, Deb, for the work you do every day at Campbell County Health. We appreciate you.

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